Chicken Bike Adventure

The Plan: Drive Pollo Papa (Chicken Daddy) 250cc motorcycles from Houston, Texas to the southern tip of South America.
When: started trip in August 2010
How Far: The whole trip will be about 12,000 miles across some of the most beautiful and harrowing roads in the world.
How it works: Mitch is a pilot for Continental and I am his flight companion (I know what you’re thinking and we’re just good friends who both like women a lot). So we do the trip in legs of 3-14 days and just fly back and forth using his flight benefits so the whole trip is relatively inexpensive. Continental (United Airlines) is Awesome!!
Why: We are doing this trip because is sounded like a great adventure and we will be the first people to complete such a journey on a chicken delivery motorcycle.

Route From Houston to Ushuaia, Argentina on Chicken bikes

Phil Solo                                                Guatemala Rescue Mission

Leg Number Link for Information
1 Houston to Guatemala City
2 Guatemala to Honduras
3 Nicaragua and into Costa Rica
4 Nicaragua
5 Costa Rica
6 Panama
7 Panama Rescue Mission
8 Sailboat from Panama to Columbia
9 Panama to Columbia
10 Columbia into Ecuador
11 Ecuador to Peru
12 Lima to La Paz rescue mission
13 La Paz to Buenos Aires
14 Buenos Aires to Ushuaia (Final leg in South America)

What the heck is a chicken bike?
We get this question a lot. A chicken bike is a small motorcycle with a box on the back that is used to deliver tasty chicken food across central and south America. They are awesome and they are everywhere! There is a picture below of our chicken bikes.

Do you deliver Chicken?
No.  Although we have thought about it

How will you get the chicken bikes back to the USA after the trip?  
Plan A is to either  ship them on a plane or on a ship back to the United States.  Plan B is to drive them off the dock in Ushuaia and watch them sink to the bottom of the ocean.  Lets hope plan A works out.

How do you find storage for the bikes between legs?
Like everything else with us there is no planning ahead of time, we roll into town and usually just run into someone who can hook us up or check the airport for storage and parking possibilities.  This is by far the most stressful part of the trip.

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